About Me

Hertfordshire based self taught modern artist. What started as a hobby, became an obsession and my love for art continues to grow everyday.


With a passion for art and creativity and finding the beauty within every aspect of life. 

Beauty is all around us, and I enjoy recreating this beauty through my art, from natural forms to textures and colours I use every day life to inspire my art. 

I hope to allow others to open their minds to realise how beautiful and wonderful every day can be, from flowers to memories if we focus on the beauty we make the world even more wonderful. My art often looks at things that on the outside may not appear beautiful but this is just our perception and we always have the power to change our own perception. 

I love a challenge so if you like my style and have an idea in mind, I would love to work with you to create not only a unique investment of original work but a personal one also. Get in touch today to discuss commissions, from a one off gift or a collection for personal or corporate use contact me today so we can make your vision a reality.